Zipit Smart:Zimswitch launches a service like EcoCash

Zipit Smart

Yesterday launched Zimswitch a new service called Zipit Smart which works pretty much like EcoCash and OneMoney. As you well know, before yesterday, Zipit was just a service to send money between one bank account to another instantly.

Still, sending money only with Zipit was not enough with the benefit of hindsight. That’s why Zimswitch decided to launch Zipit Smart.

Zipit Smart is a service that allows customers to make payments using Zipit. In other words, Zipit Smart enables customers to buy groceries, pay for fuel, pay bills and more.

How Zipit Smart works

Zipit Smart works almost like EcoCash like we mentioned before. On EcoCash, a customer has to enter a merchants EcoCash code to be able to make a payment. Similarly with Zipit Smart, customers will enter a merchants Zipit Smart code to make payments.

Upon making a payment, both the customer and the merchant automatically receive confirmation messages just like what happens with EcoCash. The way Zipit Smart works makes it possible for people to make payments even without cards for ‘swiping’.

You don’t need to be reminded of how annoying it is to enter those very long bank account numbers when sending money with Zipit. Fortunately, Zipit Smart will use short numbers as merchant’s codes to make it quicker for customers to make payments.

Do I need get registered to use Zipit Smart?

Unlike EcoCash or OneMoney where you have to register to start using them, Zipit Smart can be used by every bank account holder without a separate registration process.

How can I access ZIPIT Smart?

At the moment, Zipit Smart is not available to all banks. Zimswitch says it’s only available to customers banking with CABS, NMB, BancABC, FBC, MetBank and Agribank. However,more banks are expected to enrol on Zipit Smart.

Anyway, customers are able to use Zipit Smart from their bank’s USSD platform or mobile app platforms. For instance, FBC customers can use their USSD code (*220#) to access Zipit Smart and the bank’s mobile app that is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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