ZB Bank unveils three types of Visa cards

ZB Bank Visa card

We are glad to let you know that ZB has finally unveiled it’s own Visa card. Actually, ZB unveiled three variants of the Visa card. There’s a Debit card Visa card which can only be issued to someone who has a ZB Nostro account, there’s a Business Visa card that will be issued to companies and lastly, there will a prepaid Visa card for any individual.

Holders of ZB’s Visa card are able to make online payments and POS payments anywhere in in the world. And as with every bank, ZB’s Visa card can be issued to both ZB customers and non-ZB customers.

What is required to get ZB’s Visa card

To get the prepaid Visa card as individual, you have to part with US$12. Additionally, you need to submit proof of residence, copy of ID and your latest 2 passport as part of prepaid Visa card requirements. You simply need to visit any ZB branch if you are interested in getting their Visa card.

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