ZB Bank dismisses rumours about participating in the black market


It seems bogus moneychangers are widely on the loose. Yesterday, it was the RBZ that warned us about bogus people masquerading as RBZ officials and now its ZB Bank that’s also warning the public over the same reason.

Yes, there are moneychangers who are plying their trade pretending to be ZB Bank personnel, at least, according to some social media posts. In a statement denying dismissing the posts, ZB Bank said:


ZB Financial Holdings Limited (the Group) has noted with concern some social media posts alleging that there are “agents” who are conducting illicit foreign currency transactions in the parallel market representing ZB Bank or on behalf of ZB Bank. We would like to unequivocally inform our valued customers and the public in general that these allegations are false and malicious.

ZB Bank conducts all its foreign currency transactions at the official exchange rates which we publish in our branches and on our website www.zb.co.zw. Any irregular transactions should be reported to the authorities so that the perpetrators can be made to account for their illegal activities.

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