World Remit customers can now collect mool-ah at Mukuru

World remit and Mukuru

People who are having a tough time collecting their money sent through World Remit will be glad to know of a new arrangement between Mukuru and World Remit.

The arrangement between the two money transfer agencies allows customers whose money was sent through World Remit to collect it from Mukuru outlets.

“We have witnessed an increasing demand as more Zimbabweans are using our digital app to send money to their loved ones. Through this partnership we are able to drive our service further and wider, providing access to remittances even in small towns and growth points across the country. We want to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to our service which offers a fast and convenient user experience, affordability and easy access to cash”.

World Remit and Mukuru statement

Even though the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said people can still collect their money during the ongoing lockdown in town, there are unreported cases of people being turned back on their way to collect money in town.

But as a result of this partnership, World Remit customers won’t have to go in town only to collect their money because Mukuru has many outlets around Zimbabwe which are located very close to residential areas.

How World Remit customers can collect money from Mukuru

Both World Remit and Mukuru didn’t state if there’s anything changed on how World Remit customers can collect their money in light of this arrangement with Mukuru so we assume that nothing is changed.

In case you want to know what’s needed for World Remit customers to collect money at the moment, you need:

  • Valid photo ID in the form of either a National ID, or passport or a Driver’s license. This must be one of the following:
  • an 8-digit transaction reference number.

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