EcoCash Executive grade transaction limits

Who are EcoCash’s Executive Grade customers who enjoy higher transaction limits?

Every time and again EcoCash revises transaction limits in response to regulatory pressure and economic developments. Recently, EcoCash transaction limits were arguably revised down to fend off pressures from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

What was noteworthy when the new transaction limits were unveiled is certain two grades of customers that have larger limits that the rest. The two grades being; Farmers grade customers and Executive grade customers.

EcoCash customer grades

Most EcoCash customers fall into one of the following three:

  • Customers not linked to Bank or Debit card
  • Customers linked to a Debit card
  • Customers linked to a Bank

Farmer’s grade and Executive grades are currently the envy of many people because they have higher limits than the rest as you can see here. Having an EcoCash account with higher limits may not have mattered for many people in the past but now it does because you can do relatively more transactions in a month or day with such an account.

At a time when too much money is increasingly chasing few goods, the need for EcoCash accounts that allow one to make many transactions has never been greater.

Given this, some people have been wondering how they can join the exclusive club of Farmers grade and Executive grade customers.

Who are Executive grade customers?

Since yesterday we told you what Farmers grade customers are we won’t spend time on that today.

Executive grade customers are the ones who have the highest EcoCash transaction limits that is why many people are interested in knowing how they can qualify to be in that grade.

Ecocash said the Executive grade customers are people who hold high positions in the society such as CEO’s and Ministers.

Kindly note that executive grade is a grade with a higher limit that requires you to be holding a high position in society eg CEO or Minister. It is approved by the Ecocash CEO and all accounts in that Grade are monitored by RBZ for compliance.

So it’s only when you have attained such positions of power and money that’s when you are eligible to be upgraded to the Executive grade.

We failed to come up with a convincing reason why CEOs or Ministers have these higher EcoCash transaction limits than anybody. Is it because they have more disposable income? Tell us in the comment section below.

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