Which wallet will be closed if you have several EcoCash Or OneMoney wallets? Here’s the answer

Send money from EcoCash to OneMoney

Its now over a week since RBZ issued a statement telling mobile money operators that one person is no longer permitted to have several wallets from a single operator. In other words, the central bank said one person can only have, for instance, one EcoCash wallet, despite having several EcoCash lines.

It had become the habit of many people, especially, moneychangers to have multiple wallets to evade limits for sending money. But the new rule is ending owning multiple wallets from one mobile money operator. Note: You can still have one EcoCash wallet, One OneMoney wallet and one Telecash wallet at the same time.

Now the question holders of multiple wallets had concerning this new rule was,”How would EcoCash,OneMoney and Telecash decide which wallet to close if I have several wallets from just one mobile money wallet.”

Well, we now have the answer to that question. According to Techzim, EcoCash said if you have multiple wallets,they will keep the wallet that you used the most and close those wallets with less transaction volumes.

Kindly note that the least transacting line will be closed. May you consider moving the funds to your most transacting line.

EcoCash ZW message via Twitter

Therefore, if you are one of those folks who has money in each and every one of your OneMoney, EcoCash or Telecash account, you should move money from your least transacting wallets to the wallet you use the most.

If your least used wallet is closed while it still had money in it then you would have to move the money out via the bank.

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