EcoCash Remit enables Zimbabweans in South Africa to send money straight into their loved ones’ EcoCash wallet


You may be at loss as to what to do to receive remittances from your relatives in South Africa.

As you all know, Zimbabwe and South Africa are currently in lockdown periods to curb the spread of coronavirus. Therefore neither the sender nor the receiver can can physically visit any outlet to deposit money or collect money respectively.

Luckily there’s EcoCash Remit. EcoCash Remit is a service that allows your relative in South Africa to send money straight into your EcoCash wallet. What could be more better than receiving money in the ubiquitous EcoCash wallet?

EcoCash Remit works just as good as the traditional EcoCash service. Its instant, easily accessible and simple to use both for the sender and the receiver.

How does EcoCash Remit work?

The sender in South Africa will send you Rands via a EcoCash Remit mobile app or EcoCash Remit website and then you instantly receive the Rands as US Dollars into your EcoCash FCA account.

You have two options when you receive the money in your EcoCash FCA wallet:

  • you can then collect your US Dollars at any EcoCash outlet or;
  • just sell your US Dollars on EcoCash’s Bureau de change so that you get Zim Dollars into your normal EcoCash account.

But since you care for your health during the coronavirus pandemic the first option is not advisable.

How can my relative in South Africa send me money?

Your relative doesn’t need to physically visit a outlet in South Africa to deposit the Rands.

Rather, they can just use their debit card or bank account to send you money from the comfort of their house hence avoiding contact with people.

Here’s how they can send money to you into your EcoCash wallet via EcoCash Remit

  • Select Zimbabwe as the country you want to send money to
  • Choose “Mobile Money” as the option to send money
  • Enter the phone number of the recipient in Zimbabwe
  • Choose the amount of money you want the receiver to receive. Alternatively, you can choose the amount of money you want the receiver to receive
  • Sign in if you are already registered. If you not registered, sign-up and create a free EcoCash wallet
  • Select recipient. If you are paying a new recipient, please select this and add the details. You can select recipients that you have paid previously
  • Select the payment method. You can either send the money from a debit card or bank account

Instead of sending money using the website, they can use EcoCash Remit’s app which is available on Google Play store and Apple store and USSD code *120*10000#.

Do you have more questions about how EcoCash Remit works? Ask us in the comment section below.

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