Solutions to common EcoCash problems

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Every now and then every EcoCash user encounters a problem when trying to do a transaction. So we have compiled a list of solutions to some of the common problems you encounter when using EcoCash. Feel free to suggest other problems and we will inquire about the solutions.

Money not reflecting in bank account after doing wallet to bank transfer

Moving money from EcoCash to your Bank should be instant. But when it’s not instantly transferred to your bank, EcoCash advises waiting for 24 hours before you lodge a query with them. Read this article to see how you can lodge a query with EcoCash.

Sending money to the wrong number or EcoCash wallet

You should provide the EcoCash team your number, date of the transaction, number, and name of the number you mistakenly sent the money.

EcoCash will try to reach out to the receiver. If the receiver of the money is not reacheable , EcoCash will block their EcoCash wallet until they are able to talk to them.

If the receiver already withdrew the money you mistakenly sent them, EcoCash won’t be able to reverse the transaction. In other words, you won’t get your money if the receiver has already withdrawn or used the money you sent to them.

If EcoCash is able to get in touch with the receiver, it will first determine if your claim is true to decide whether it should instruct the receiver to return the money or not. Read this article to see how you can lodge a query with EcoCash.

Money deducted from EcoCash but the merchant didnt get a confirmation message.

EcoCash advises that you should get a letter from a Merchant that states that you didn’t get a service or product for a transaction that had been successful from your EcoCash wallet. EcoCash will facilitate a transaction reversal after you produce the letter. Read this article to see how you can lodge a query with EcoCash.

Money gets deducted but dont get your data bundles or airtime

Send Econet (not EcoCash) your number, the amount of data bundles you bought, and the date of the transaction.

Money not reflecting in EcoCash after doing bank to wallet transfer

Get in touch with your bank and lodge a query because Bank to wallet transactions are reconciled from the bank’s side.

Paying the wrong merchant

If you make a payment to the wrong merchant, EcoCash advises to visit their shop and fill out a merchant affidavit form which will be used to trace the merchant and process a transaction reversal.

Forgot your EcoCash pin and blocked wallet

You should provide your number so they can call you. They will try to establish your identity and confirm if you are the true owner of the account before unblocking your EcoCash wallet. Read this article to see how you can lodge a query with EcoCash.

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