Remittance collectors left in the cold by ZRP’s travel guidelines

Western Union

People used to produce proof in the form of SMS texts if they wanted to get past roadblocks to collect their money from Money Transfer Agencies like Western Union, World Remit and the likes. But that is no longer enough to grant you passage at roadblocks

ZRP recently released a list of documents that certain persons should produce to be allowed to pass through this roadblocks. However, these guidelines sidelines people who collect remittances from Money Transfer Agencies.

Why remittance collection is important

Remittances make up a substantial amount of the forex generated by Zimbabwe that’s why President Mnangagwa allowed Money Transfer Agencies to operate in the early stages of the lockdown. So its a surprise that remittance collectors are not given the leeway to collect their money.

It’s even more appalling when you consider that many people are depending on money from the diaspora to sustain their livelihood during the ongoing lockdown.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s role

Since it’s in RBZ’s interest for people to collect their remittances as it increases foreign currency in the market, the central bank should engage the ZRP to make it possible for to collect their money without a hassle. Until then, you have to device ways to collect your remittances.

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