RBZ warns public against moneychangers impostering RBZ officials, also denies participating in black market

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Some desperate moneychangers are reportedly impostering as RBZ officials. A statement issued by RBZ says that the public should be vigilant against illegal foreign currency traders who are masquerading as RBZ officials as they ply their trade.

The central bank then went on to dismiss a commonly held belief that it participates in the black market. Here’s the full statement by the RBZ:

It has come to the attention of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (the Bank) that there are certain people posing and masquerading as Bank officials in their foreign exchange dealing on the parallel market. The Bank does not deal on parallel markets and does not and will not deploy any of its officers or employees on the foreign exchange parallel market as suggested by those defamers or imposters.

The Bank urges members of the public to dismiss this information with the contempt it deserves. Allegations or misrepresentations that the Bank deploys its officials to engage in foreign currency parallel market activities is not only mischievous but also defamatory and designed to cause panic and instability in the foreign exchange market.

The Bank takes a serious view of such mischief and urges any person with information of any defamer or imposter to make a report to law enforcement authorities or to the Financial Intelligence Unit on 0719 449 295. A monetary reward will be paid, in line with Bank’s Whistleblowing Policy, for positive identification of the defamers or imposters.

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