RBZ orders banks to freeze bank accounts of 123 EcoCash and OneMoney agents


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,through the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), has issued a directive instructing banks to freeze 123 bank accounts owned by certain EcoCash and OneMoney agents.

FIU is an organization set up by RBZ to investigate and stop money-related crimes in Zimbabwe.

FIU says owners of the bank accounts are suspected of engaging in the trading of foreign currency in the black market and money laundering that’s why their accounts are being frozen.

In the statement, FIU tells banks to immediately freeze the bank accounts used by the suspected agents to move money from their mobile wallets to bank accounts (or vice versa).

FIU went on release the names, phone numbers and agent codes of the suspected agents. Here’s the full statement.

Directive to Freeze Bank Accounts of Attached List of Ecocash and OneMoney Customers (Agents) Suspected of Involvement in Illicit Foreign Currency Transactions and/or Money Laundering

Please find attached list of Ecocash and One Money customers suspected of involvement in illicit foreign currency transactions and / or money laundering.You are directed to identify all accounts of the listed persons/entities that are linked either to Ecocash or to One Money (i.e. accounts that allow the customer to move funds between the bank account and the mobile money wallet, and/or vice versa) and to, immediately freeze such accounts.You are also required to submit by close of business on 3 May 2020, KYC information in respect of each customer, including (a) details of the accounts identified and frozen including balances, (b) business address of the entity, (c) names of all directors (d) name and contact details of the MD/CEO (e) list of the shareholders (f) list of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners and (g) the entity’s nature of business and source of funds.It is critical that the freezing is effected immediately as any delay can result in funds being moved from the accounts before freezing is effected.

The following is the list of EcoCash and OneMoney agents:

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