NMB customers now able to liquate US dollars in Nostro accounts from phone

NMB Bank Nostro

NMB Bank is the latest bank to make it possible for its cust to liquidate their allowance from their phones. Before today customers had to go through the trouble of visiting NMB Bank’s branches and fill out forms in order liquidate their Nostro US Dollar allowance.

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But that’s no longer necessary because the bank has introduced a new feature on its USSD platform which allows its customers to liquidate Nostro US dollars by simply dialing *241#.

How to liquidate Nostro US dollars to Zimbabwe dollars


>Select “Convert Nostro to US dollars”.

>Enter the amount you want to liquidate and confirm the transaction.

>You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that you’ve successfully converted your Nostro US dollars to Zimbabwe dollars.

Making payments by also dialing *241#

In a addition to converting Nostro US dollars to Zim dollars,NMB Bank has made it possible for its customers to make purchases with Nostro US dollars. The feature works pretty like EcoCash except that you be paying with Nostro US dollars.

Customers simply have to dial *241#, select Pay Merchant and the amount they wish to pay Merchant. Its important to remember that you can only use this payment method to pay merchants who accept Nostro US dollars.

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