Mthuli Ncube’s ‘sophisticated algorithm’ fails to identify 80% cash transfers beneficiaries

sophisticated algorithm Mthuli Ncube

When government announced a cash transfer program for vulnerable families many people applauded it for the charity.

And when Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said they will use a ‘sophisticated algorithm’ to easily identify vulnerable families we thought they had everything figured out. On the contrary, they hadn’t.

Social Welfare Minister, Paul Mavhima revealed that government has failed to identify 797 923 recipients of cash transfers. Therefore, it has only, managed to give cash transfers to 20% of the targeted recipients ever since the initiative was launched.

We have now paid about 202 007 beneficiaries and we continue registering others and we will be paying them ZWL$300 this month.

Initially, we experienced delays in registering people because we wanted to make sure that those who are registered are really bonafide vulnerable people and we had to go over the database many times.

Cash transfers are meant to give 1 million vulnerable families additional income since some breadwinners lost their jobs or their income is now lessened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

But, apparently, the government is failing to get the cash transfers into the pockets of vulnerable families.

Another noteworthy point from the Minister is that the amount of cash transfers has been increased from ZWL$180 to ZWL$300 as a result of the Zimbabwe dollar’s depreciation.

It’s tempting to applaud government for giving the identified vulnerable families a ZWL$120 increment. But when you consider that ZWL$$8725.50 per month is needed for a family of six to have a decent livelihood, you see that ZWL$300 barely scratches the surface for vulnerable families.

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