Lesson learnt from EcoCash vs RBZ court ruling is that EcoCash Agents should now form an association

EcoCash Agents association

EcoCash and its Agents have something valuable to take from yesterday’s High Court ruling which saw the largest mobile money company failing to overturn a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Directive that blocked its Agents’ accounts.

Justice Webster ruled that he saw no “lawful reason” for EcoCash to seek the suspension of RBZ’s Directive when the EcoCash Agents’ who suffered a financial loss,because of the Directive,didn’t even approach the Courts.

“The question that arises is: if the agents are independent contractors in their own right, on what basis does the applicant have standing to litigate on their behalf? I see no lawful reason for EcoCash to bring the present action to vindicate what essentially are rights which inhere in an independent contractor (Agents) who has not even asserted his/her/its loss, actual or potential, before this court.”

This statement is a wake-up call for EcoCash Agents to form their own association that defends their own interests.

The fact is, EcoCash Agents are now a force to be reckoned with. In their thousands, they are many enough to form a powerful association. It only makes sense for this group of people to form an association which has their best interests at heart.

Who knows, maybe if there was an EcoCash Agent Association, which represented a financially injured bunch of people, they could have got the High Court would have set aside RBZ’s Directive.

Instead of always waiting for mother EcoCash (the company) to fight all battles on behalf of them, EcoCash Agents should now have an association that would take on the RBZ or any other organization which threatens their interests.

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