How to buy or make a payment with Zipit Smart

Zipit Smart

Zimswitch unveiled Zipit Smart, a service that allows customers to make purchases with Zipit. Previously, Zipit was used to send and receive money only but Zipit Smart enables individuals pay bills, pay for groceries,pay for fuel and more.

Zipit Smart works like EcoCash as you have to enter a merchant’s code to be able to make purchases. Zipit Smart is accessible from bank’s USSD platforms and mobile apps. The service is currently available to just 6 banks – CABS, NMB, BancABC, FBC, MetBank and Agribank.

How to buy or make a payment with Zipit Smart

>Dial your banks USSD code. For example, if you bank with FBC, you dial *220#

>Enter your PIN and a Menu will pop up

>Select Merchant Payment – 6

>Pay by Merchant code – 1. The merchant will give you the code or it will be displayed at the checkout point.

>Enter the amount you wish to pay

>Confirm the transaction and you will by notified by SMS with the transaction succeeded.

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