Metbank salary based loans

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Requirements for applying for a Metbank salary based loan

  • You should have received your salary through Metbank for 1 month
  • If you work in the private sector, your employer should be a well-known company. All civil servants can apply for this loan.
  • Private sector employees must have been employed in their current job for at least 6 months
  • Copy of payslip. Your payslip should also show NSSA and pension deductions

Loan conditions of Metbank’s salary based loan

  • Maximum amount to borrow

6 times of your net salary but not exceeding $5 000

  • Minimum amount to borrow

$250. Your loan application will not be considered if you want to borrow money below $250

N/A( we don’t have it yet)

  • Maximum repayment period

N/A( we don’t have it yet)

  • Your monthly loan repayment sum should not be more than 40% of your net salary
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