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    So my experience with CABS mastercard has been nothing short of amazing. I should warn someone who wants to get the card that whilst their online payment charges 1.5% value of the transaction with no minimum fee like FBC which has a minimum fee of 3USD even if you paying for a $0.99 application from the APP store, the card does not have 3D secure. Some sites particularly if you paying in the EU or some sites in RSA require the card to have 3D secure which is not yet implemented on the CABS card and thus you will see your transaction decline. It is advisable that you ask your bank if they are 3D Secure compliant if you need the option otherwise its a good card.

    FBC for bigger transactions is a more secure way of paying. I am not a big fan of deposit charges and “zvirehwa rehwa” when trying to withdraw your funds. CABS withdrawal of funds is so smooth.

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