Ethics Statement


Earning our readers’ trust is our cardinal ambition that’s why at Cashtalk we religiously adhere to strict ethical gpoluidelines.


Our editors will do all the best to adhere to industry standards of gathering facts before sharing with you any piece of content. Editors are also guided by internal policies that ensure we have done the best to gather facts before sharing content with our readers. Where we are not in possession of all the facts, we would unashamedly let you know.


We are humans. Even if we take all the necessary precautions not to share inaccurate information, at some point we will make errors and mistakenly share inaccurate content. As part of our Professional Conduct, we will notify you and we will correct and update the content or we can even take down the content in rare circumstances.


We maintain our objectivity in reporting by not accepting donations or investments from the companies we write about. This will ensure that we will not be pressurized to give favourable reviews for those companies.


As a policy, we don’t permit our editors or frequent guest writers to personally invest or get employed by the companies we write about because we believe that their reporting will be relatively less objective if they have vested interest.


Whenever we review features of certain financial products, we will do it objectively without fear or favour. That is why we don’t permit our editors or frequent guest writers to get employed or invest in companies we write about. If we are going to receive compensation for writing a review, we will explicitly label the article as “Sponsored Article” just below the title of the article.


To keep the Cashtalk running, advertisers will put ads on our website to earn some revenue. However, we will distinctively display the ads so that our audience won’t unintentionally click them thinking that they our content.


Our Cookie policy can change anytime without prior notice but when it changes we will notify you with a pop-up and then you can decide whether to continue using the website or not.