EcoCash offering 10% bonus to sell your US dollars on its Bureau de Change

EcoCash is offering a 10% bonus to people who convert/sell their US dollars on its digital Bureau de Change. EcoCash introduced the Bureau de Change to provide people with a handy way to sell their US Dollars straight from their phones, on-the-go.

However, given that the exchange rate offered on the Bureau de Change is often way less the one you find on the black market, EcoCash has decided to sweeten it’s offer with a 10% bonus.

The bonus is an additional 10% of the total amount of the Zim dollars you should receive at the prevailing exchange rate. For instance, if you convert USD $20 at the prevailing exchange rate of USD$1/ZWL$25, EcoCash will give you ZWL$500 plus a 10% bonus (10% of ZWL$500), which brings the total to ZWL$550. Without the bonus you would receive ZWL$500 only.

Its still not enough

Even with the 10% bonus, EcoCash’s Bureau de Change still pays you much less than what you get when you convert your US dollars to Zimbabwe dollars on the black market. Currently, the black market rate is at least ZWL$50 for USD$1, which means that for USD$20, for example, you get ZWL$1000 on the black market.

Surely no sane person would deprive themselves so much money by preferring to sell their US dollars on EcoCash’s Bureau de Change instead of the black market. One can perhaps sell their US dollars on EcoCash’s Bureau de Change when they are in an emergency such that there is nooneychanger close by.

In that case, if you want to sell your US dollars on EcoCash’s Bureau de Change, here’s how you can do it:

  • Dial *150#
  • Choose option 1, “Bureau de Change”
  • Choose option 2,”Sell USD”
  • Enter the amount you want to sell/convert to Zim dollars
  • Select 1, “Select Destination Currency”
  • Select 1 to confirm selling your US dollars on EcoCash’s Bureau de Change. You will automatically receive your money in your EcoCash wallet.

Where do the US dollars to sell on EcoCash Bureau de Change come from

You might be wondering where the US dollars to sell on EcoCash’s Bureau de Change come from.

Well, the US dollars will be in your EcoCash FCA wallet, which can be funded through receiving remittances, a friend sending money from their EcoCash FCA wallet to our wallet and cashing in US dollars into your EcoCash FCA wallet.

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