Ecobank customers can now transfer money via SMS text or email


Ecobank customers are basking in excitement over a new feature that was introduced on the Ecobank mobile app.

The new feature allows Ecobank customers to send money to other Ecobank customers via a text or email. How so, one may ask?

Well, when the sender chooses the “Transfer by Email/Text” option to send money, a unique link will be sent to the receiver via a text SMS or email.

When the receiver clicks the sent link they will be taken to a webpage to fill-in their detailsnto credit the money in their account. The receiver can choose to either receive the sent money into their Ecobank account or any other local bank’s account.

It stands to reason that both the receiver and the sender should jealously guard the unique link from other people otherwise someone may use it to claim the money.

Use case- when to use the feature

Ecobank was inspired to come up with this feature to help their customers to send money even if they don’t know a receiver’s bank account number.

Additionally, Ecobank says it helps a customer to send money to a receiver who hasn’t made up their mind as to which account they want to receive their money.

To use this feature, Ecobank customers must have Ecobank’s mobile app which they can download on Google play store or Apple app store.

Ecobank has made it free to send money by text or SMS for the whole month of May. However, you will still pay Zimswitch fees and the 2% tax when you send money by text or SMS.

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