Deadline to choose EcoCash wallet that you want to keep is today. Here’s how to choose via USSD code

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Two weeks ago, the RBZ announced that individuals are no longer allowed to have multiple mobile money wallets from a single mobile money operator. And last week, we wrote about how EcoCash will decide which wallet they will close if you have multiple wallets.

A customer support team had said that EcoCash will keep open the wallet that an individual used the most and close the one used the least.

Well, it turns out that people are at liberty to choose which wallet to choose regardless of the volume of transactions processed on the several wallets owned by one individual. This is done through a USSD code feature which EcoCash silently introduced last week.

Indeed, there’s a USSD code feature that enables individuals with multiple wallets to select which wallet they want to keep and which wallet they want to close. It’s curious that EcoCash did not make an announcement of such a badly needed feature.

We are only sorry for finding out about this feature today because today is the last day of choosing the EcoCash wallet you want to keep. Anyway, without further ado, here’s how you can choose the EcoCash wallet you want to keep or close:

How to select the EcoCash wallet you want to keep via USSD

>Dial *150# and a Menu with options will pop up

>Select 5 – EcoCash Line selection

>You will see a list of the lines that you own. Reply by selecting line with the wallet that you want to keep.

>Confirm the action by entering 1. You will see a pop-up message saying “EcoCash Primary Wallet successfully updated”.

>You will also receive an SMS text telling you to move money by the end of today (we mentioned that 6 September is the last day to choose your preferred wallet).

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