CBZ Money Transfer Centre

CBZ makes it faster to collect remittances with Money Transfer Centre

People who receive money from their loved ones in the Diaspora should be glad to hear that CBZ has opened a Money Transfer Centre for their convenience.

The Money Transfer Centre is an outlet by CBZ that’s solely dedicated to serving people who want to collect money. This exclusiveness will enable people to collect their money much faster than at other banks and CBZ’s branches.

Many people are reliant on remittances during the lockdown to supplement what little income they are earning in Zimbabwe. And many of these people are complaining about spending much time in long winding queues at banks and some money transfer agencies to collect their remittances. CBZ’s Money Transfer Centre is probably the answer they need to collect their money relatively real quick.

We looked at the foreign remittances space and realized the amount of time people are spending in queues to collect their funds and a decision was made to intervene by coming up with an exclusive centre to facilitate ease of collection of funds. The service will however still be available at all CBZ Bank branches to increase convenience.

This is to ensure that our customers will enjoy dedicated remittance business and refer friends and family to use the same facility. The Bank will be rolling out similar initiatives in other major urban centres around the country.

Divisional Director Retail Banking, Dedrey Mutimutema

Which money transfer services will be at CBZ’s Money Transfer Centre?

The Money Transfer Centre will cater for people who want to collect money sent from the Diaspora with Western Union, World Remit, MoneyGram, Mukuru, HelloPaisa, and Xpresslinks.

Besides the Money Transfer Centre by CBZ, folks who want to collect money from World Remit are now able to collect at any Mukuru outlet.

Location and opening times of the Money Transfer Centre

The Money Transfer Centre is along Robert Mugabe Street in the CBD and its operating times are just like other CBZ outlets/branches – from 8 am to 3 pm during the week and from 8 am to 112.30 am on Saturdays.

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