Nedbank MasterCard


Requirements to get a Nedbank MasterCard

  • A copy of the “face page” of your passport

The face page is that page on your passport with your face.

  • A recent proof of residence
  • An initial deposit of US$126

US$100 is credited into your account and US$26 is the application fee that is the application fee.

Conditions for using Nedbank’s Mastercard

  • ATM withdrawal fee US$3.50
  • Nedbank says it doesn’t charge fees for online transactions done through MasterCard merchants. Transactions done on none-MasterCard merchants are determined by the merchant, not by Nedbank.
  • Monthly inactivity fee (deducted from your Card balance after 12 months of inactivity) – US$2
  • Minimum amount to deposit – $100
  • Maximum ATM withdrawal limit per 24 hours – $2500
  • Daily POS limit at MasterCard merchants -$5,000
  • Purchase from MasterCard merchants (e.g. shops and restaurants) – free
  • Replacement of card – free