FBC MasterCard


Requirements to get an FBC Visa card 

  • Copy of National ID only
  • Proof of residence of the last 3 months
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • Proof of income
  • US$15

US$5 will be the cost of the card and US$10 will be credited in your account

NB- It’s not necessary to have an account with FBC to get a Visa Card

Cost of using FBC Visa Card

  • You are charged a deposit fee of 2.5% of the amount deposited
  • For instance, if you deposit USD $100 in your FBC MasterCard, FBC charges you USD $2.50 (2% X $100).

    • 1.875% is charged for online and POS transactions, the minimum being US$3 and the maximum being US$100 . 

    If the 1.875% of the transaction is below US$3, FBC will charge you US$3. If the 1.875% of the transaction is more than US$100, FBC will charge you US$100 only

    • 3% is charged for cash withdrawals, the minimum being US$3,50.

     If 3% of the transaction is below US$3.50, FBC will charge you USD$3.50. 

    • Online and POS transactions have a US$5000 per day limit and US$35000 monthly limit.
    • ATM cash withdrawal limit is US$500 per day and US$3500 monthly limit.
    • FBC charges a 2.5% fee for depositing money in your card.