CABS MasterCard


Requirements to get CABS MasterCard

  • CABS account holders only have to fill an application form
  • Non CABS customers need to provide the following:

-Proof of residence in the name of the customer (if not an affidavit from the Landlord or letter from employer confirming the residence of the customer)

– Copy of National ID/Driving Licence/Passport – One recent colour passport size photograph (within 3 months)

  • Card Issuing Fee US$ 5 for both CABS and non-CABS account holders
  • Minimum Initial Deposit US$ 50 for both CABS and non-CABS account holders

Conditions for using CABS’s Mastercard

  • No reload Fee
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee- US$ 2.50 plus 1.5% of the withdrawn amount plus 5c stamp duty
  • Purchase from MasterCard Merchant – 1% of the purchase amount plus 5c stamp duty
  • Minimum Load Value – US$50
  • Daily Cash over the counter – US$ 1 000
  • Daily POS Limit at MasterCard Merchants – US$ 10 000
  • Maximum ATM Withdrawal Limit per Day – US$ 1 000
  • Maximum Single Load/Reload and Maximum Balance allowed on your card at any one time – US$ 50 000
  • Maximum PIN tries – 3. After putting the wrong pin for the fourth time the card gets blocked.