BancAbc Visa card


Requirements to get a BancABC Visa card 

  • Copy of National ID only
  • US $5

NB- Its not necessary to be banked with Bancabc to get a BancABC Visa Card.

Cost of using BancABC Visa Card

  • US $5 initial deposit. BancABC takes $5 in your initial deposit
  • Monthly fee – USD 0.50
  • POS/Swipe/Online transactions charges – 1% per transaction. However, if the 1% of the transaction is below -US$1,BancABC will charge you $1. 
  • Insuficient funds fee – US$0.30.

If your transaction is declined for insufficent funds, BancABC charges you US$0.30.

  • ATM cash withdrawal – US$1000 per day
  • Online and Swipe transaction limits -US$5000
  • Cash withdrawal at a BancABC ATM – US$2.50
  • Cash withdrawal at a local ATM –  US$ 2.50
  • Cash withdrawal at a international ATM – 1.5% and the minimum is US$ 2.50
  • Transferring money from your BancABC to another Visa Card – US$1
  • Transferring money from your BancABC to a bank account – US$2