BancABC unveils A360, its sleek mobile app with exciting features

BancABC A360 mobile app

BancABC has launched it’s own interactive mobile app called A360 which will allow its customers to smoothly do their banking from the palm of their hands.

For starters, BancABC’s A360 mobile app comes packed with every conceivable functionality that you would expect to find on a bank’s digital platforms – you can do internal and RTGS, ZIPIT transfers, make bill payments, buy airtime and more.

But BancABC has gone a notch better than the rest by adding 2 exotic features to its A360 app.

The first one is a feature aptly named ‘Mwaya’ that allows users to send money from their bank account to any mobile money wallet. Yes, you heard us right, Mwaya enables you to send money from your BancABC bank account to either EcoCash,OneMoney or Telecash with BancABC’s A360 app.

Another feature gives A360 users the ability to buy stocks on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange with the app. But to be able to do that, you need to first get registered by its subsidiary, ABC Stockbrokers.

Additionally, new customers can use BancABC’s A360 app to open bank accounts from the comfort of their homes. We have already tested this feature and we managed to open an Instabanc account easily and quickly without any hiccups.

Oh wait! That’s not all. BancABC has gifted its customers with a QR payments feature that will enable them to Scan and Pay for products and services with A360

A360 Security

When it comes to security, the A360 app supports fingerprint and Face ID to unlock it. And the app not only offers one but two OTP (One-Time-Password) authentication methods – phone number and email.


The currently is only available for Android users on Google Play store. BancABC says iOS users will have to wait a week or two to get A360 on the App store.

Unrivalled banking experience

A360 was also integrated with ‘Ally’, BancABC’s WhatsApp banking platform such that you only need to tap on the hovering small image of ‘Ally’ to start banking on WhatsApp.

At the end of the day if you add Ally, A360 and Bank X together, we think BancABC is arguably giving customers the best banking experience at the moment Zimbabwe.

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