Angry customer launch petition against EcoCash for robbing people, asks RBZ & Mthuli for help

EcoCash complain petition

A disgruntled customer has launched a petition against EcoCash for “robbing the people of Zimbabwe”. The petition was launched on and has already been signed by 487 people at the time of writing this article.

The petition appeals to the Ministry of Finance, Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube and the RBZ to rein in EcoCash for its failure to return people’s money.

EcoCash is accused of not returning money to people who are initiating transaction reversals. The petition states that one has a hard time to get their money back because EcoCash’s customer service is broken and,possibly, it has an ulterior motive of stealing people’s money. Here’s the full statement from the petition:

Its no secret that the people of Zimbabwe are being robbed on a daily basis on the mobile money platform Ecocash. Over 6 million Zimbabweans on the platform lose money at least once a week from an incomplete transaction. To make it worse, Econet has deliberately incapacitated their customer service platform so as to frustrate those looking for refunds and eventually give up trying. The phone is never ever answered.

Econet is making millions of undeclared profits from the money they are stealing from us everyday. A simple transaction reversal can take weeks if not months in some instances. Those living in the rural areas have it worse as they have less avenues to claim their money.

The Ecocash system is either flawed or it is intentionally designed to steal from Zimbabweans. Their social media pages are riddled with complaints of fraud and incompetence which they choose to ignore. Enough is enough. The powers that be should protect their citizens from these criminals. We haven’t seen any action taken against them despite this issue being common knowledge.

We appeal to The Finance Minister and Reserve bank of Zimbabwe to stop this injustice. We are suffering enough already!

Click this link if you want to sign the petition.

I must say, the petition really makes a good argument for rural folks. If you consider that some rural areas are far away from EcoCash retail outlets where they have to go to reverse transactions, you can see that some people have a hard time to claim their money from EcoCash such that they may just not try to claim it if its not much.

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