2 technologies that EcoCash should now raise from the dead to stop the spread of coronavirus


Evidently, coronavirus has significantly altered the way we live. The world will never be the same again after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Some business empires will crush down during the pandemic and from the ruins, new empires will rise.

Furthermore, some technologies will die and new ones will rise. To put it into perspective, some abandoned technologies should now rise from their graves.

Incidentally, EcoCash has two abandoned technologies that come in handy at this point in time when people are avoiding contact with other humans and objects.

Aptly named, EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay, these payment methods made it possible for people to make payments without touching Point of Sale devices (POS), which are touched by many people every day. The fanfare witnessed when they introduced didn’t translate into adoption so EcoCash kind of abandoned them. But now they are needed.

Why we now need EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay

A likely scenario of spreading coronavirus on POS devices will be like this; A Covid-19 infected person walks into a supermarket to buy bread. They chose to make a payment with their debit card and the teller gives them the POS device to enter their pin. They buy their bread and walk out.

Next in the queue is a person who doesn’t have Covid-19. They want to buy milk and they also want to make a payment with their debit card. They are given the same POS device used by the infected person and they also touch the buttons as they enter their pin. As simple as that, they get infected with the coronavirus.

But with EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay, that won’t happen. You may call them hygienic payment methods if you like.

EcoCash Ta!

In late 2015 EcoCash unveiled EcoCash ta! with fanfare. If you wanted to use EcoCash ta!, you simply had to buy a sticker at Econet’s retail outlets which you could then stick at the back of your phone as shown below:

So when you wanted to make a purchase, you simply had to tap the back of your where the sticker is placed against an EcoCash ta! POS machine.

The process had no contact at all between your fingers and any other object that hundreds of people touch, which makes EcoCash ta! a fitting technology in these times.

EcoCash Scan + Pay

Almost 3 years later in 2018, EcoCash partnered with MasterCard to introduce Scan + Pay payment technology. Scan + Pay allowed EcoCash users to make payments by simply scanning a QR code at the checkpoint.

EcoCash users only needed to have the official EcoCash app to be able to make QR payments.

Again, with this technology, there was no contact whatsoever between the EcoCash user and a POS machine where hundreds of people touch every day.

No contact=no spreading of coronavirus

Evidently, EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay can reduce the spread of coronavirus as there is no to minimal contact when using them. And this is what exactly is needed during this time

Is there an incentive for EcoCash and merchants to use EcoCash ta! or Scan + Pay?

Besides the fact that the technologies are fashionable relative to these times, it will be a win-win situation for EcoCash and merchants if they introduce them.

EcoCash will have a chance to enlarge its foothold in the payments sector whilst merchants who adopt these technologies will draw hygiene-conscious customers, which most people have turned to be.

Additionally, merchants will benefit as both EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay are faster methods for customers to make payments. At a time when supermarkets should accommodate a certain number to queue up in their establishments, which slows down the purchasing process, EcoCash ta! and Scan + Pay can speed it up.

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